Here, kitty kitty — Cats are such dignified, graceful, timeless creatures. So leave it to us humans to torture the poor creatures by making them look as stupid as possible in the pursuit of our own amusement.

Take, for example, the self-explanatory The Web site's motto? Stuff + cats = awesome. The site is divided into handy categories of stuff: housewares on my cat, food on my cat, toys on my cat, etc. Bizarrely, Yahoo! named it one of the best sites of 2005 — but note that most of the featured felines look extremely unamused.

At, again fairly self-explanatory, most of the cats seem to be in said sinks (or basins, for British kitties) of their own volition. Be warned: The site, while ridiculous, can result in hours of working time lost.

They say there's every type of porn imaginable on the Internet — and kitties are fair game. The joke site features snapshots of "sweet and innocent" kittens and exotic "Oriental spice" cats, next to cheese porn one-liners. Then there's, which plays out traditional '70s porn scenarios, like "Lonely girl at home," "Hot tramp in bed" and "Hot boy on boy action."

After all this stripping of dignity, kitties finally get their revenge with, a collection of some supremely pissed-off pussy.

Though it's obvious none of the kitties were actually harmed in the making of these Web sites, owners should beware: Don't be surprised if someone "accidentally" pees in your shoes.

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