25th Anniversary issue

Why we do it
by Ric Bohy & the staff of Metro Times
What keeps us in the game and a statement of aims.

Flashbacks and fallout
by Curt Guyette
Looking back at stories that made a difference.

Fringe benefits
by Michael Jackman
The letters section as circular firing squad.

MT nest
by W. Kim Heron
Contributors, columnists and camp followers who’ve flown the coop and spread their wings.

Loons like us
by Sarah Klein
Cardboard desks, Eeyore tests and a woman armed with a fork.

Proofreader’s marks
by Dennis Shea
Our detail man looks back.

25 on 25
by Metro Times staff
Detroiters on the last quarter century – and the next.

The raging moderate
by Nancy Kaffer
Up close and personal with Jack Lessenberry.

Where the hell are they now?
by Metro Times music staff
Lipstick tracing 25 years of Detroit music.

Detroit rock future?
by Serene Dominic
The next 25 years of Motor City Music, as foretold by a know-it-all dead French guy, with a little help from an equally dead Astrologer to the Stars, Jeane Dixon.

Swinging naked, slinging pie & multiphonic monks
by Rebecca Mazzei
Our 25 years of art in Detroit.

Paper view
by Rebecca Mazzei
A night of creative destruction in Detroit.

25th Anniversary Supplement
The print edition of our Anniversary Supplement, with more than a dozen artworks by local artists celebrating Metro Times. (Requires Adobe Reader).