Notorious for middle-finger drive-bys and gloriously drunken live shows, some say the Supersuckers are the most dangerous band in Texas. Well, they are an errant tumbleweed of scabrous riffs and melodies; a braying aesthetic that swings between country and rock like a meth-sniffing bipolar teen. They’re on the road promoting an odds & sods collection, Devil’s Food, which includes, among other gems, a cheeky swipe of OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” Though most picture lead-croaker Eddie Spaghetti when they think Supersuckers — not us. We recognize him for the puss that he is for passing this HC opportunity on to ’suckers’ signature guitarist, Ron “Rontrose” Heathman. Here’s Rontrose’s monomanias this week:

5. Taxes! Late again. What is the exact “service” that the IRS provides? I mean, I do all the work and pay an accountant to do the rest. All they do is bill me. I feel like this is a service I can do without.

4. CrabGrass: I can’t figure out how to kill that stuff without killing my lawn and the local water supply. Hmmm. This one is lame, but it is on my mind.

3. Tupac! And you thought Elvis was a productive dead guy. Tupac has made more records since he died than all of the Wu Tang Clan!

2. Dora The Explorer! Someone creating that show is on the reefer. They must make that stuff strong these days.

1. The President? I know you can’t say “kill the president” without getting a visit from three guys in dark suits wearing sunglasses, but come on. Someone shot Reagan and he’s like the fucking Dalai Lama in comparison. How much longer can we live with this guy? My life isn’t long enough to clean up the mess he’s making. What an asshole!


Sunday, May 1, at St. Andrew’s Hall (431 E. Congress, Detroit; 313-961-MELT).

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