Post-active We launched this column as a way to help inform folks about events of importance, and as a way to help get people involved in political and community activities. This week, though, we’d like to offer a pat on the back to a whole lot of you who already did just that. We’re talking about the roughly 46,000 volunteers who patrolled the streets of Detroit for three nights last week to keep arsonists from lighting up the city. Devil’s Night has been doused once more thanks to all you angels out there. It is a beautiful thing to see a community come together like this. We gotta agree with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick when he says, “What was once a time of fear has truly been transformed into one of celebration. Our spirit of volunteerism sets the standard for America. The lights of Angels’ Night are a beacon to the nation.” Way to go, Deeee-troit!

Road warriors Want to give the state an earful regarding transportation issues? Here’s your chance. The Michigan Department of Transportation is seeking public comment on its public involvement plan. Huh? You heard right. The state has to come up with a plan to involve the public when it puts together major, well, transportation plans. And the bureaucrats running the show want any ideas you may have regarding ways to facilitate that. If that makes sense, and you want to participate, you can get started by getting on your computer and going to and checking out the “Projects and Programs” section. Or, you can just wait and bitch about being stuck in the endless traffic jam that otherwise is your future.

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