Gen is the comely blond dom and ringleader of the Genitorturers, the most perverted band in America. If Al Jourgensen ever channeled his former junkie “so what” indifference into a sadomasochistic passion, or if Marilyn Manson were to finally become the fetching blond bombshell he yearns to be, then there might be a challenge to match the Genitorturers’ gothic-industrial metal din and libido-assaulting S&M cabaret. The live show (think an alternate-reality Girls Gone Wild set in a dungeon) can include gnarly genital piercing and bondage, strap-on training and pony boy play. See, for years the Genitorturers have been challenging gape-mouthed audiences to dig deep and exorcise their sexual demons; their shows ain’t about donning Hot Topic handcuff pants. Here Gen discharges her five monomanias of the moment:

5. Halloween: Yes I know Halloween is upon us, but whose bright idea was it to make this vampire thing so cool? I hope our fans have all their shots, because I keep getting bit!

4. I wonder … Do rich people take golden showers too?

3. How much fire is too much fire? Where does Kiss begin and Great White end?

2. Hey! I wanna be on stage! Shave it, baby! If you are going to volunteer to be violated on stage by the Genitorturers ... please do this: Wash that undercarriage, shave everything and please heed your mother’s words and wear clean undies.

1. Where is the nearest Super Walmart? I love the look on the checkout girl’s face when you purchase: enemas, duct tape, Sharpies and Strawberry Quik.

The Genitorturers appear Oct. 30 at Harpo’s (14238 Harper, Detroit; 313-824-1700) with South Gate.

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