Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Step right up! It’s lucky number MB7! • Megadeth — The System Has Failed (Sanctuary) :: President Mustaine. Got a nice ring to it, don’t it? • Marilyn Manson and Dita von Coque Teese — Wedding Bell Blues (Straight) :: Ooooh, marriage. How anti-Christ of him. • D.O.A. — Live Free Or Die (Sudden Death) :: These Bush-bashing Canuckleheads hate censorship and love freedom of speech. That’s why they printed a parental advisory warning on the front cover of their new album. • Straylight Run — Straylight Run (Victory) :: Just when I thought that their stock-in-trade was crafting sincere, plaintive dirges, along comes the buoyant “Tool Sheds and Hot Tubs” to make me think that they just might have what it takes to be the next Blondie. But only if they let the girl sing more. A lot more. • David West — Pickin’ On Pink Floyd: A Bluegrass Tribute (CMH) :: Are you ready for a banjo and fiddle version of “Astronomy Domine”? I mean really ready? Sid was, but that was 40 years ago. And look where he is now. • Nightwish — Once (Roadrunner) :: Unexpected company coming over? Need a fast recipe for Finnish meatloaf? Step 1: Take the heavy metal riffs of Black Sabbath, the lush orchestrations of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the bombastic arrangements of Jim Steinman and the soaring poperatic vocals of Emma Shapplin. Step 2: Just add water and hurl. • SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Limblifter — I/0 (Limblifter) :: Imagine the Psychedelic Furs meeting Duran Duran and the Human League and you’ll have a good idea why this is one of the best nostalgic pop romps your delicate shell-like ears will ever hear. Emotive vocals, superb musicianship, smart lyrics and spiffy arrangements all add up to make this an absolutely delightful listen. • Be seeing you!

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