Burning Bush

As the name implies, the crew here at News Hits is all about news, so we are a little out of our depth offering a movie review. Nonetheless, after finally catching a showing of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 this past weekend, we are moved to sing this film’s praises. We laughed, we cried, we squirmed in our seats as the victims of our adventure in Iraq were thrown in our faces, daring us to look away. And, improbable as it may seem, as much as we despised our beady-eyed prez before, we are even more disdainful of him now.

We caught the flick at a theater in Roseville — home of the Reagan Democrat — and turned back when the lights came up to see what effect Moore’s “propaganda” had on the other filmgoers. What we saw were stunned faces. This is a powerful, powerful documentary, unflinching in its depiction of a president who is at once both devious and shallow. Sure, we’re part of the choir Moore is said to be preaching to. And maybe critics are right when they say it won’t win over die-hard Republicans. But the upcoming election won’t be about entrenched voters on the right or left. It will be the wavering middle that decides who’s sitting in the Oval Office next year, and if those faces in Roseville are any indication, should enough of that middle see this movie, it won’t be the Bushman.

But don’t take our word that this is an important film. Go see for yourself.

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