Abandoned Shelter of the Week

Giving notice — News Hits was drawn to this tiny house with lace curtains on East Warren because it sits only four feet from a torched two-story duplex. We asked 83-year-old Elizabeth Kent, who owns the well-kept home, what it is like to live so close a structure that appears ready to topple.

“It’s dangerous,” says Kent, who has lived here since 1968. “Strong winds blow debris from it onto my house.”

The owner of the charred cavern, Eula Bradley, says she bought the boarded-up property before it was hit by arsonists. Bradley owns several parcels in the area and wants to build a senior complex. But she says she can’t tear down the property until she gets clearance from the city after paying an outstanding water $420 water bill.

According to Shannon McCarthy, spokeswoman for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, to obtain a demolition permit, utility bills must be paid — except when the house is dangerous. McCarthy says Bradley should to report the house to the city.

“We want those down and will worry about the bill later,” says McCarthy.

Consider this notice: The address is 2275 E. Warren.

Photo and text by Ann Mullen.

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