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Abandoned Shelter of the Week

According to Nell Martin, a 25-year resident of the neighborhood of this week’s featured structure at 498 Peterboro, only two people live on the block where the house is situated. ASS (Abandoned Structure Squad, buddy) is thus astounded when Martin tells us how the nearly vacant block conducts such a busy nightlife. “The police will not keep people off these sidewalks,” Martin says, referring to the throng of loiterers who have adopted the corner of Peterboro and Second as their own. So what’s the draw? ASS entertained the idea of conducting some late-night research into the structure’s mass appeal, but thought better of it two seconds later. So much for investigative journalism. The three-family flat, built in 1909, has an estimated value of $47,650. After ASS caught sight of the menacing interior from the two front doors, though, the crew decided to hold off on a bid.

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