Media hound, well-roasted

What attorney Geoffrey Fieger needs most is more attention. After all, it’s been at least 15 seconds since his name appeared somewhere in the media. So, we thought we’d give him a plug, particularly since the publicity king kindly sent News Hits a recent edition of his firm’s newsletter, Fieger Times. It’s an appropriate name, since rare photos of the notoriously circumspect Fieger appear on five of its six pages.

We suspected that the omnipresent lawyer was hoping to finagle coverage of the cases highlighted in the self-promotional paper. We were dead wrong. It seems Fieger is trying to promote — or rather improve — our esteemed profession: journalism.

It’s befitting, since Fieger he has been known to call journalists “the laziest people on the planet,” according to his newsletter.

The newsletter is usually sent just to trial lawyers, says Wensdy White, who edits Fieger Times. But White told News Hits that many media outlets in the Detroit area were mailed the Spring 2003 issue. Why?

It seems Fieger has agreed to let the Detroit Metropolitan Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) hold a roast in his honor to raise scholarship money for young journalists.

“Please support SPJ scholarships for God’s sake. We need to train these people,” Fieger says in his scandal sheet.

“Fieger Under Fire — The Roast” is scheduled for May 15 at the Troy Marriott at 6 p.m.

Those invited to skewer the feisty lawyer include one-time local news anchor Bill Bonds (aka Gardner-White Furniture pitchman), Emery King of WDIV Channel 4 and Metro Times’ very own political columnist, Jack Lessenberry. Legendary weathercaster Marvin “Sonny” Eliot will serve as master of ceremonies.

Before the verbal darts are thrown by a bunch of “lazy” and “untrained” journalists, let us be the first to say: Thanks, Geoff.

For ticket information call 248-646-5317 or e-mail [email protected].

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