Bikers beware

Attention regular readers: It’s time for an Aaron Timlin update. The arts aficionado makes our column this week in the most peculiar way. Now, those who dare mount a two-wheeled vehicle in Detroit know well the hazards. Timlin says a train whistle could screech while he’s pedaling and he wouldn’t notice, for while biking he’s been smacked by a veering bus, spat upon and struck by thrown bottles. “I try to stay focused and not pay attention,” he says.

So, last week he’s biking home from Detroit Artists Market, where he’s director. A policeman on his loudspeaker says something Timlin can’t make out. Timlin turns onto his Corktown residential street. Cop cuts him off, says that among other infractions, he needs lights and a horn effective 500 feet away. Timlin gets a ticket for biking with insufficient lighting.

“The street doesn’t have any streetlights working, it’s got big huge potholes, and they pull over a bicycler. It just shows the ridiculousness of the Motor City,” he marvels.

“I’m just waiting to get a jaywalking ticket. Next thing, I’m going to have to have Scotty beam me up.”

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