Finders weepers

News Hits is sad to say that more artwork recently was stolen from detroit contemporary. On June 8, 40 handcrafted goblets and the toolbox they sat in were taken from outside the Rosa Parks Boulevard gallery, says Aaron Timlin. Several months earlier, another piece was stolen from an installment in the gallery that had already been sold. Timlin, director of the Detroit Artists Market on Woodward, said the goblets were headed for a DAM fundraiser. He left them outside detroit contemporary while there for a quick visit with friends. (Timlin co-founded the gallery with current director Phaedra Robinson.) Timlin said he’s expecting the culprit to try to sell the goblets locally. “This would be tragic. More tragic than if they just took them home and used them to feed their kids,” said Timlin.

If you have information about the missing art, please call 313-832-8540.

Lisa M. Collins is a Metro Times staff writer. E-mail [email protected]