Letters to the Editor

Dump Marvin

It's such a shame what the DEMF is turning into ("‘God’s event,’" Metro Times, May 22-28). The first year was amazing — a perfect moment in Detroit's sometimes embarrassing history. The second year, festival-goers made clear who they wanted to guide the event; if the festival is to fulfill its potential, Carl Craig will be at the helm again. Thanks to Lisa M. Collins for writing this article. I hope to see one like it every year until this mess is cleaned up and Carol Marvin is out of the picture. She is an embarrassment and a disgrace to Detroit and its music community. —Jeff O’Brien, [email protected], Troy

Late payments

I worked the first two DEMFs as part of the operations/beverage/inventory crew. I never got paid for the second one until about a month ago. I thought your article was excellent and showed the world what Marvin is really like. —Cherry Lynn Cocadiz, [email protected], Detroit

Art for art’s sake

I am a Detroit-based artist and musician. I have worked with the Marvin machine and I'm glad that someone has the chutzpah to tell it like it is. The one problem with the article is that Carol will get what she wishes more than money — fame. Throughout history we remember the artist, not the richest or most powerful. Now the promoters, dealers and managers want a piece of that elusive acknowledgement or admiration for the works of others. Marvin’s so-called love of the arts comes is because she can get many artists to work for little or nothing on the premise of either doing it for a good cause (hers) or for recognition and exposure. Then she gets the rewards for her leadership role. Without promoters or dealers, the arts would still exist; without the arts. where would the promoters and dealers be? That’s something to think about when making the claim that she and she alone made it happen. —Bill Brovold, [email protected], Royal Oak

Unprofessional actions

Lisa M. Collins’ depiction of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival was right on target. I cried when I read the article, remembering how emotional the first year and even the second was for me. I don't think anything will ever touch me the same way. The forefathers of techno have my full support in whatever endeavors they attempt. I cannot believe how attention-hungry Carol Marvin is! I’m overwhelmed with her lack of professionalism. She needs to be replaced. —Kristen C. Farron, [email protected], Goodrich

Can’t take the heat

It's interesting how volatile Carol Marvin becomes when approached with any issue involving Carl Craig or any criticism of herself. Most professionals are eager to hear constructive criticism (or be openly interviewed), as its ultimate purpose is to improve their projects or companies. I was shocked to read that she's claiming this festival as "her own vision" when anyone who's ever been involved in the techno community in Detroit knows that is anything but the truth. Kudos for keeping a straight face when as she put it "she decided to do this based on prayer." I would have walked out right then and there. —Christopher Bass, [email protected], Detroit

Learning from mistakes

I loved the article on the DEMF. It was a well-balanced, well-written justification, depicting Carol Marvin’s shallow persona. I don't ever expect her to want to do another interview, but maybe she will finally learn from her mistakes. I hope the entire city of Detroit reads this article. —Catherine Eberhardt, [email protected], Detroit

Electronic slugfest

I think Carl Craig should have brainstormed for a "true" 2002 electronic music festival the second after being fired by Marvin. Perhaps then this year's e-fest would have been what the "big boys" of electronic music wanted all along. —Patricia Best, [email protected], Detroit