Chow: Spring 2002

Bon appetit!

It’s the diner’s chant and creed. And Metro Times takes eating experiences seriously enough to offer readers a look at the best dining that metro Detroit has to offer. In our spring dining guide, food writers Elissa Karg and Jane Slaughter, along with arts editor George Tysh, have a chat with seven of the area’s finest chefs in their studios of creativity, those being seven emporiums of excellent dining adventure.

What’s the difference between a chef and a cook? It’s a question of both sophistication and administration. In a restaurant big enough to contain such gradations, the chef runs the show and the cooks cook the food. The chef devises the menu and knows the five types of sauces that branch off into all the other sauces. The chef is the architect, the conductor, the director.

So click around and come along as we branch off into as many directions and distinctions of the delicious as our appetites can handle:

Dish packs another (and another) helping of the East Side’s finest cuisine.
• Eastern paths meet Western ways at the up-to-the-minute Eurasian Grill.
• There are no mad hatters at Fiona’s Tea House, only scones and assorted wonders.
Misha’s is "home cooking" with a rich and moving past.
New Yasmeen Bakery’s Souad Bazzi serves up Lebanese cuisine "naturally."
• Food for a small planet’s working week at the Small World Café.
• Chef Jeffrey Kalich makes Twingo’s a full-spectrum experience.

For all future dining decisions, don't forget to bookmark metro-Detroit's most comprehensive online dining guide, Restaurant Metropolis.

Chow was prepared by arts editor George Tysh and food writers Elissa Karg and Jane Slaughter. Send comments to [email protected]