Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: Metro Times editor Jeremy Voas’ column ("Why we’re suing Ashcroft," Metro Times, Jan. 30-Feb. 5) generated more letters than any story we’ve published in recent years. A sampling follows.

Support from New York

Thank you for filling this lawsuit against Ashcroft. I don't know if you're taking a lot of heat for it, but you should know there are many people who support you completely. —David Bienenstock, editor, penthouse.com, New York, N.Y.

Doing something

Good job. Too often in these here troubling times I have frantically asked "Why isn't somebody doing something?" It’s nice to see that someone has. Like so many in the wake of Sept. 11, I attended informational meetings sponsored by various Muslim groups. I saw Rabih Haddad speak at a lecture called "Peace and Islam." He seemed to me a good man. Even if he isn't, the public deserves to know. —Kevin Dole, Ypsilanti

Smart journalism

I firmly believe that the words "intelligent" and "Detroit" cannot be uttered in the same sentence without at least one mention of Metro Times. I would like to commend you for doing exactly what you should be doing — standing up for the right of the public and the press to investigate the inner workings of our government. Americans should see that when government initiates secret tribunals under the guise of protecting us, our government

becomes our biggest threat. —Annamaria Genovese, Shelby Twp.

Proud citizen

In the name of all we're supposed to value in this society, God bless you and your efforts. Reading your editorial as an American and concerned citizen, I couldn't have been prouder. —Michael Hall, [email protected], San Marcos, Calif.

Courageous fight

I applaud your newspaper's decision to file a lawsuit in the Haddad case. I know nothing of the merits of this case. That, as you so eloquently and forcefully point out, is precisely the problem. I am appalled at the actions taken by the government in the name of national security. I remain, however, encouraged by those who actively fight these actions. —Deborah L. Little, Saline

Defending our rights

Thank you for fighting back on behalf of those of us who are stunned into paralysis by our government's behavior and those who unthinkingly assume we are protected by a government which has no problem with abridging the Constitution. I appreciate deeply your actions, which I take personally in my own defense. —Janet McFarland, [email protected], Oakland Calif.

Responsible actions

It is the responsibility of our media to aggressively pursue the truth. I'm happy to see your publication stand up and demand the access it deserves and is entitled to have. Keep up the good fight. —Hal Milton, Sammamish, Wash.

Insane policies

Three cheers for Metro Times, U.S. Rep. John Conyers and the ACLU for taking on the Justice Department's insane new policies. What Ashcroft and his ilk have done to civil liberties since Sept. 11 is embarrassing and shameful. —Amanda Smith, Boston, Mass.

Seeking justice

As a Canadian watching the banana republic just to the south embark upon a sea of unilateral lawlessness and abandoning all pretense for decency and international laws, I applaud you. It's about honesty, fairness and democracy. If Haddad is guilty, so be it, but let's see justice be done. —Bob Price, Narrows Inlet, British Columbia, Canada

Thuggery in Washington

Bravo! I wish you the very best of luck, and hope that your lawsuit will touch off a wave of similar rebellion against Ashcroft's thuggery. —Mary Virginia Burke, St. Paul, Minn.