Letters to the Editor

Wish for a dish

I really enjoyed your article about Comcast ("Mega hurts," Metro Times, Jan. 9-15). I believe everything written about its rotten service.

Comcast changed my converter boxes to digital during its upgrade. Since then, I have not been able to use either my VCR or the picture-in-picture feature on my television. I receive poor or no reception on channels 1 through 5. A call to the customer service department elicited this response: "It would cost too much to send out a repair person for your call. Phone our tech support and let them walk you through the corrections."

In the very near future I will join my neighbors and switch to a satellite dish and let Comcast stick its poor service and highway robbery rates where the sun don't shine. —Henry McKee, [email protected] Detroit

Behind the screen

Thank you for your wonderfully truthful article about the unjust imprisonment of Rabih Haddad (Visa-vis Rabih," Metro Times, Jan. 16-23). I just wish there were more reporters out there who are concerned about letting the truth be told and letting the public know what is really going on behind the screen of propaganda. —Yasser Ads, [email protected], Ann Arbor

The real story

I want to thank Ann Mullen for the wonderful article about the ordeal of Haddad and Al-Rushaid and their family, and, in fact the whole Muslim community. I know my heart is with Haddad and his family. I hope people will read accounts like the one you wrote that capture the real story behind the headlines. It's too easy to just be suspicious of people after Sept 11. We really need to learn to give people the benefit of the doubt, or at least the benefit of due process of law. —Eiyass Albeiruti, Ann Arbor

Spreading the word

Let me commend and thank you for writing such an excellent article about Rabih Haddad and Salma al-Rashaid. I have been working very hard on their behalf since first learning of Rabih's arrest on Dec. 14. It is hard going because we are up against the secret powers-that-be, but articles like yours really help our cause. Rabih needs his story to be heard far and wide. You have so honestly done just that. As Salma said the first time I met her, "May the truth prevail." —Patricia Lay-Dorsey, [email protected], Grosse Pointe

On the wrong side

Your cover story in this week's edition of the Metro Times makes me sick. I understand your objective was to provide a human side to this story. However, you dedicated one sentence to why this man is being held. He has broken the law. Granted he did not rob a bank, steal a car or kill anyone, but he broke a law, nonetheless. If his visa expired in 1999, he is just lucky that he hasn't been detained before this incident. It is ideology like yours that perpetuates the immigration problems that our country is facing. —Mark P. Fratella, [email protected], Royal Oak

Needed coverage

I praise you on your fair article on the unfortunate victim of the tragedy of the terrorist attack’s aftermath. I wish there were more journalists such as yourself. A heartfelt thank you from Southern California for taking on this important issue which, unfortunately, is not getting the coverage that it deserves. —Adnan Yamani, Irvine, Calif.

It can happen here

I read your very nicely written story about Rabih Haddad. The Haddad family seems to be a very nice family, and I am sorry to know that without showing or sharing any evidence against them, they have put this man in jail. I thought this does not or could not happen in the United States. I hope and pray that justice prevails in the end. I admire Mr. Haddad's firm belief in God and like him I do also believe that God would not tolerate injustice. —Quaid Saifee, Rochester Hills