Just because you’re in Bloomfield Hills doesn’t mean that money grows on trees. Sometimes you have to grow the money — which is the plan at the Cranbrook Art Museum’s Serious Moonlight Fundraiser on Saturday, July 14.

It’s all about the Benjamins, but there are still some arts moments in the mix. Cranbrook alumnus Nick Cave — no, not the Bad Seeds dude — brings performance art to the grounds with “Sound Suits” (pictured). This fashionable diversion involves dancers wearing Cave’s suits, made from the likes of bottle caps and feather dusters, making spectacles of themselves on platforms about the grounds. More than 100 pieces of art by other Cranbrook alumni will be displayed.

Digging even deeper into the graduate scene, the silent auction will include a couple of original Charles Eames chairs. Call 248-645-3333 for tickets.

MT editor Larry Gabriel contributed to The Hot & the Bothered, which is edited by MT arts editor George Tysh