It’s kinda funny that the most "outdoorsy" of summer sports occurs at golf courses that have been built to look just like regular nature with the bad parts eliminated (you don’t really think grass looks that green by itself, do you?). Since, on the golf course, all golfers tend to look alike (poorly dressed, white and male), we sometimes need clues to figure out a player’s personality. The reasoning isn’t exactly clear, but golfers place their woods, not their irons, in covers. A lot can be read from a player’s choice of golf club covers. A variety of stuffed-animal covers can be found at www.wonderfullywacky.com for $12.95 each. People with dogs or birds on their clubs simply shouldn’t be trusted due to their very uncreative ways (needing to appear cute). But, if you see a duffer with old white tube socks (and colored stripes) slung over his woods, you’ve spotted one tough son of a bitch.