Carson's OK

Don’t worry, the saccharin-stained sanctuary of “TRL” (“Total Request Live”) was protected adequately from the roughly 100-strong face-painted Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse fans) who stormed the MTV studio’s periphery Dec. 8, and host Carson (it’s a job) Daly escaped without a single hair mussed from his dreamy alterna-frat boy mini-spike coif. A message on the suburban Detroit-based duo’s Web site called out to fans asking them to “put themselves into an army to destroy MTV’s ‘TRL’ and prove once and for all that we are more than they ever thought we were.” Meanwhile, fans living outside the New York area were asked to flood MTV phone lines and e-mail inboxes with requests for ICP’s “Let’s Go All The Way.”

Apparently, the Juggalos represented well, but alas, the votes were disqualified and, according to a report from Jelly Nuts on the Web site, before the show even began, about 30 to 40 New York Police Department officers came in to break up the crowd. “When asked, the police officers said, ‘MTV doesn’t want you guys here,’” Jelly Nuts wrote. “After many protests from Juggalos, and when it became clear they were gonna make MTV look bad, the cops changed the story. They then said that ‘It is against the law to wear clown makeup in New York City.’” The Web site says that no one was arrested, but that Juggalos weren’t allowed on the sidewalk near the MTV building. Well, what have we learned from this, kids? I guess only that The Man’s not down with clown luv. No shit.

Melissa Giannini covers the metro-Detroit music scene for the Metro Times. E-mail her at [email protected]