Scoot over, Rollerblades

With their nostalgic feel and portability, scooters have taken over as the newest transportation trend among kids and teens. Unlike the clunky foot-powered roadsters of the past, new scooters are sleeker, lighter (often made of aluminum, titanium or other lightweight alloy) and durable. The motored models are the priciest, costing $300 and more. But there are some reasonable deals for those willing to push their scooters the old-fashioned way. The Razor Scooter goes for about $100 and is the most popular scooter around. Variflex, Inc. offers an aluminum model called the Stinger, which shouldn’t be overlooked. It has a quick-release foot plate, precision bearings and the indispensable folding system that allows the rider to pack up the 4-pound street vehicle and toss it in a gym bag. All this for just about $40. Find both the Stinger and the Razor at and other toy retailers.

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