Soul eyes

Detroit musicians are no doubt able to make tidal waves in this nation. Here’s one to tempt channel surfers: MTV has asked Soul Clique for permission to use the Motor City group’s recorded music during 15 episodes of this season’s “Real World.” Tracks such as “Baby Don’t You Cry,” “Nourish” and “Belligerent Politics” will be edited into the show and most likely heard when: a) The country girl gets a taste of the big city; b) Sexual tension between two housemates culminates in a candlelit dinner; or c) Housemates rally the streets to support a just cause. One of the good things about “Real World” is that moments of unimportance — like dirty glances exchanged while cooking pasta — can always turn into exciting drama with the right music to pump them along. But that’s really the music, not the show. And even though we’ve known about the supreme trip hop of Soul Clique for quite some time, it’s always good to hear of local guys setting national trends. Congratulate them in person when they headline this year’s Dally in the Alley on Sept. 9.

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