News tip

You may recall last week’s item about Detroit News deputy managing editor Bradley Stertz’s memo raking his troops over the coals for getting scooped far too frequently by the competition. In the spirit of professional solidarity, News Hits would like to give those beleaguered scribes under Stertz’s thumb a little heads-up on an upcoming event that those relentless news hounds at the Freep are sure to hit hard and heavy.

We hear from a reliable source that a big demonstration is planned for Tuesday, Aug. 22, right outside your front door. Bloodied but unbroken by a D.C. appellate court’s ruling in favor of your bosses, the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO will hold a rally to remind the public to keep boycotting both the News and the Freep.

Union workers who returned to the papers still do not have a contract. And, according to the unions, as many as 500 of your brothers and sisters are being locked out of their jobs.

“The labor community must rally behind these workers and present a message to newspaper management that shows labor’s level of continued commitment to the effective boycott campaign being waged by these valiant warriors,” Metro Detroit AFL-CIO President Donald Boggs told the Metro Detroit Labor News. “This entire labor community will stand in solid support of these workers until the last one is called back and just contracts are secured.”

Just think of the tongue-lashings the Stertzter would mete out if you somehow let an event of this importance slip past unreported.

News Hits shudders at the thought.

So go ahead and jump on it. The 4:30 p.m. rally will be held at the corner of Second Avenue and West Lafayette. If you need help finding it, give News Hits a jingle and we’ll provide directions.

Curt Guyette is Metro Times news editor. Contact him at 313-202-8004 or [email protected]