Martial arts marketing

Like naked women, Bruce Lee never loses popularity. For example, there is the Bruce Lee Universal Action Figure ($14.99 at Spencer Gifts) and the red and black Bruce Lee patch ($2.99 at Hot Topics). The action figure features lots of movable joints and even includes nunchucks! Remember how big those things were in the early 1980s? It seems everyone either made their own or bought the chintzy kind from "authentic" martial arts stores. Now that tight-ass designer jeans seem to be coming back, maybe a new generation will also get to discover the bruise-inducing thrill of nunchucks.

But what is most surprising about the legacy of Bruce Lee is that no one has really pimped or repackaged his image – like Rage Against the Machine did with Che Guevara, to the point that kids now see the bearded, beret-wearing icon and think of "that Rage guy."

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