Letters to the Editor

New Year's Eve revisited, end the War on Drugs, and more

New years past

Hey, I loved the New Year's Eve tales ("A night to remember," Dec. 28, 2011). It reminded me of my most memorable: My buddy was staying at a flophouse in Hamtramck while I was in 12th grade at the end of '97. He and his roomies were having a party and, in the final moments before the ball was dropped, a fight broke out in the kitchen and everybody crammed in to watch. A local punk frontman started up the chant, "98! Time for hate!" while these kids rolled on the floor. I looked into the living room to see my buddy Peter was the only one watching the ball on TV. Later I asked why he hadn't gotten up to see the fight. He told me moments earlier he had walked to the nearby gas station to get smokes and there was an armed robbery while he was up there. So he was too shaken up for any more action. —Dan Keizer, Eastpointe


Stop serious crimes

Re: "War on the War on Drugs" (Higher Ground, Dec. 28), good article. Speaking as a former Lansing-area detective, I'd like to add one important point you left out — namely, every hour we waste chasing the green plant means more pedophiles and deadly DUI drivers are not caught. —Howard Wooldridge, co-founder, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Washington, D.C.


Green from green

It's commendable that Larry Gabriel recognizes the war on cannabis (marijuana) as a failure, but also realizes it's OK in the medical cannabis field for people to make a profit.

Citizens should be allowed to make a profit for cultivating and providing cannabis and more so since the federal government threatens to cage them. Alternative pharmaceutical medications involve profit at every step of the equation. Is there any medication in existence that does not involve profit; why discriminate against cannabis? —Stan White, Dillon, Colo.

Downriver delights

Thank you for your reviews of restaurants and bars downriver (Short Order, Dec. 7). Ever since I moved downriver in 1995, I have been dismayed by the media's lack of coverage about anything downriver. I've lived in all three metro Detroit counties in the last 50 years, and by far, Downriver has the friendliest people, the least traffic, and the most reasonable prices. Thanks again! —Susan Eckert Pinkowski, Riverview


Police state here

Welcome the passage of Senate Bill 1867 and the police state. No hearings were held, and this passed under the guise of "our security." Our government now has the right to detain and imprison American civilians indefinitely without charges or due process. Guilty until proven innocent is now the American way. This bill is the final step necessary to strike down any remaining constitutional protections. 

We have illegal government activities (Fast & Furious) being covered up, government officials taking advantage of insider information to enrich themselves. All this is being done with our money. These actions are all worthy of impeachment proceedings. 

Where is the outrage? —K. Burson, Houston, Texas