Puzzle Pirates

It’s slow but captivating, matey

Puzzle Pirates

Three Rings Design

PC, Mac

If there's one thing any seasoned PC player should consider investing in, it's a "Steam" account. Partially because Steam is a user friendly way to keep track of your PC games and purchase select new ones. Most recently we've been granted the exquisite puzzler Puzzle Pirates. With a choppy, free-roaming world style of gameplay, you embark on an adventure similar to the infamous Puzzle Quest, which is for sale on the Xbox 360 marketplace. Basically you're a little pirate, you can walk around town and get associated with all of the townspeople and their various goods and services. You're taught to perform various tasks by solving different kinds of puzzles. For instance, the tavern has its own puzzle, the boat dock has a puzzle, you can challenge other players online to various puzzles, etc. You can travel around blah, blah, play puzzle games blah, blah, earn gold blah, blah, and then shit gets real. If you're a gamblin' man such as myself, you'll take your theoretical gold and gamble it online to other players. That's right, you can literally challenge other players to wager their hard-earned puzzle prize in puzzle-based duels. The game is very slow, and not incredibly captivating, but man, the gold bets are a rush. In all it's really only out there for the puzzle gamers.  So if you don't like it, join the club.


To play free go to steampowered.com.