Sonny and Cher go down in flames; a download from Kommie Kilpatrick


Sonny and Cher Live!

Most people say Shoot Out the Lights! is the definitive disintegration-of-a-marriage album, but even Richard and Linda Thompson had enough decorum to keep "your mother is so fat" jokes out of it. "We throw a sheet over your mother and show movies," Cher snickers to the tanked-up Vegas crowd. Sonny counters with no-nookie cringers like, "Nothing goes on after the show. She doesn't move that way off stage," and, "She not only gets a headache, she tells me what time they're coming." Speaking of headaches, the version of "Hey Jude" on this disc manages to be a minute longer than the Beatles' and never has Cher sounded more like Quick Draw McGraw bellowin' for Baba Louie! This souvenir of dissolution marks the beginning of Sonny's term as an underappreciated foil, getting eclipsed by his soon-to-be ex right down to the chiaroscuro, exit stage left cover. Poor Sonny. There's never any standing lumber around when you really need it! —Serene Dominic


Kommie Kilpatrick — "Too Many Dudes"

Party punks Kommie Kilpatrick's debut, ten-track record clocks in at a whopping 10 minutes. The songs, like this title track, come fast and hard, like summer camp heavy petting sessions on the top bunk. Think Ramones, but if Joey's voice never dropped. Kommie Kilpatrick play Blowout on Thursday, March 3 at the Belmont Bar.�—Travis R. Wright