Urgh! A Detroit music war

Brandon Walley on the impending music showdown

The High Strung getting 'oiled' for war.
The High Strung getting 'oiled' for war.

There's an impending "music war" set to go down at the Lager House. No shit.

And it'll be featuring 18 of Detroit's best bands — the High Strung, Satin Peaches, Fawn, Lightning Love, Duende!, and Lettercamp included — the war will be documented as a testament to Detroit's current indie scene using an idea from that early '80s English film. We got the lowdown from filmmaker Brandon Walley:

Metro Times: So, what's the original Urgh! A Music War flick all about?

Brandon Walley: It's a beautifully random concert film from '82. A few dozen of the top punk and new wave bands of the time — Gary Numan, Devo, and Invisible Sex to name a few.

MT: What parallels can we draw between these two eras?

Walley: By featuring 18 emerging bands in Detroit, we're giving a wink and a nod to the original cult classic while creating something completely new, completely Detroit, completely now.

MT: How'd you go about choosing these specific groups?

Walley: Michael O'Connor from FUR booked all the bands. They're all a pretty tight-knit group, which is making this project really fun to be a part of.

MT: Was the Lager House an obvious choice to host this thing at?

Walley: This is all about Detroit music, and Lager is all about Detroit music. Plus PJ makes delicious food.

MT: We saw you have a Kickstarter for this show. What's the cash for?

Walley: It's all for the production cost and the creation of the DVD, a document that will be another example of this city's ingenuity and determination.

Urgh! A Detroit Music War happens Saturday, June 11 at PJs Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-961-4668 For more info go to urghadetroitmusicwar.com.