Couch Trip

AK-47s and rom-com with a baby

Sony Pictures

Car chases? Check. Threesome? Check. Unlimited supply of AK-47s? Check. Thankfully Takers doesn't stray from the template bank-robbing flick; its mix of decent actors (Hayden Christensen), esteemed actors (Matt Dillon) and inexperienced "musicians" posing as actors (T.I. and Chris Brown) goes lengths for boneheaded entertainment but misses in the depth department. So what? If there's nothing on TV, this movie's a fix. —Alia Raheem

Life As We Know It
Warner Home Video

Life As We Know It, or Knocked Up 2.0, pairs Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as unlikely godparents to the child of their respective best friends. Naturally, they don't get along and must overcome several obstacles and one nosy Social Services agent. Does it deconstruct the nature of romantic relationships in America today? Not exactly. If that's what you're after, you should stop watching Katherine Heigl movies. But sometimes you want to watch a cute romantic comedy, one that features a baby. You do, right? —Bridget Nutter