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Scandinavian Classic Desserts and The pig-tail food flipper



Classic Desserts 

by Pat Sinclair

Pelican Publishing, $16.95


From candy bars to cookies to cakes and crumbles, it’s easy to satisfy a sweet tooth. However, sometimes we need something special, something different, perhaps unfamiliar. Pat Sinclair’s Scandinavian Classic Desserts is chock-full of striking photos that will coax you to duplicate such recipes as the Swedish berry cream cake, or the Norwegian blotkake with its layers of cake, strawberries and whipped cream. Poached whole pears served with cardamom cream are bathed in orange and pear syrup that creates a silky glaze. Peach almond crumble, Finnish blueberry tart and rhubarb custard tart should be splendid when made with fresh summer fruits.                           

 — by Jeff Broder



There are all kinds of tools that can be used to move food around a grill, but they are often unwieldy,

making the task at hand difficult. The pig-tail food flipper is a sturdy 12-inch-long device that can be used on steaks, ribs, poultry or anything else that has to be flipped, moved or carried. The stainless steel hooked shaft

tapers to a sharp point that only slightly pierces the meat, so the juices don’t escape, making it a good

replacement for forks, tongs and

spatulas. [Amazon for $12.55.]        — JB