City Slang: ICP in court (again), allegations denied

According to a number of sources, the Insane Clown Posse is being sued by former in-house publicist Andrea (Andy) Pellegrini. She filed a complaint on Monday claiming “constant and pervasive harassment," and that she was "mocked belittled and the subject of sexual advances."

TMZ has posted the “highlights” of the complaint:

“In 2011, Violent J's girlfriend Michelle Rapp glared at her in a hostile manner. When she complained to the president of the record label, he told her Michelle is "crazy" and might beat her up.
In 2012, on the way to lunch, Dirty Dan, a Psychopathic Records employee, told Andrea he had a ‘fat c**k’ and that ‘he'd like to f**k her.’
In July 2012, Andrea changed her Facebook status to single, and soon after, Dirty Dan presented her with a ‘clear dildo’ in the office and told her that she'd probably need it because she's single.
Later that day, Andrea says Dan gifted two other women in the office with ‘vagina tighteners.’
In August 2012, she was told she couldn't use the private bathrooms at the Gathering of the Juggalos and was forced to share restrooms that were ‘often full with naked male strangers.’
Andrea claims she was once asked to obtain illegal automatic weapons for a photo shoot.”

The Metro Times received this comment from Psychopathic Records attorney Howard Hertz: "The allegations are untrue. Ms. Pellegrini was terminated for poor job performance. No further comment because the case is in litigation."
Pellegrini is laying low for now.

Pellegrini’s suit demands compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, fright and shock, horror, outrage and indignity, economic damages including lost wages and/or loss or earning capacity, exemplary damages, punitive damages, hedonic damages, attorney costs and fees, compensation for economic and non-economic damages, interest on allowable damages and any other damages allowed under the law.

Naturally, the internet is awash with reaction. Our favorite comment came on that TMZ report from somebody called Kiko who said, “She should have gotten a job with the Sane Clown Posse instead.”

Updates as we get them.