City Slang: New Black Dahlia Murder video

p>Detroit metal band the Black Dahlia Murder have unleashed a new performance demo video for “Into the Everblack”

According to a press release, “THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are currently touring as part of the Van's Warped Tour 2013. At the Ventura, CA stop of the tour, Brian Eschbach, Ryan Knight, Max Lavelle, and Alan Cassidy, recorded their parts for "Into the Everblack" from the band's new album, "Everblack."”

Audio Hammer producer Mark Lewis comments specifically on Knight's leads on "Everblack": "Ryan Knight's leads on "Everblack" are nothing short of phenomenal. I grew up listening to the best in the era of shred, and I can honestly say these solos rank up there with the best, and beyond. They are not just technical solos in the athletic, "look how fast I can play" sense, there is truly amazing harmonic content going in these leads. Any educated player will realize that the chord changes he is playing over are far more complex than anything you typically find in metal. Mix all that with absolutely world class tone and vibrato, and you really have an amazing piece of work. It does not get better than this."

The video can be seen here.

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