Pontiac's Erebus the Setting for 'Ghost Stories' Saturday

If the popular cable series My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera was to tape an episode around these parts, where do you suppose they might go?

Why, the scariest place in southeast Michigan, of course!

Erebus, the fabled four-story Halloween frightfest in downtown Pontiac billed as the world's largest walk-through haunted attraction, is the site for this week's new episode of My Ghost Story, premiering at 9 p.m. Saturday on BIO.

In the segment, Erebus co-owner Ed Terebus and his nephew, Zack, a full-time employee, are the featured storytellers, relating the history of the house and the findings of a paranormal investigator who visited the location the Saturday before last Halloween – when the spirits presumably would be riled up by the thousands of visitors walking through.

Ed says that when he purchased the 100,000 square-foot property, it had been vacant nearly 40 years. "When we bought the house there were rumors about this homeless guy who died in the basement," he says. Although they could neither confirm nor deny the story, a sleeping bag and pillow were discovered in the basement... and left there. You know, just in case.

Apparently the homeless ghost is a noisy sleeper."There have been two occasions where I was 100 percent convinced that someone was in this building," says Ed, who lives in a loft on the building's third floor. "I called the p0lice, a K-9 unit searched the whole house, and found nothing."

Oh, but the paranormal investigator who took measurements throughout the building found – oh, why spoil a good ghost story by giving the ending away? The My Ghost Story episode repeats at the stroke of midnight on BIO.

Jim McFarlin writes about media for the Metro Times. He also covers television with a Motor City flavor on his blog, Big Glowing Box. Follow him on Twitter @BigGlowingBox.