Audionics' The Big Note -3.2.13 -

With combined resumes conjuring kaleidoscopic-pop types,  fx-clouded experimentalists and world-music-tapping progressives like THTX, Immigrant Suns XD Wei and Waka Jawaka...

With their intriguing and effective implementation of an octave-divided saxophone's low-gurgling sizzle, African talking drums marching under Indian hammered dulcimers...

With their altogether creative compisitional rewiring of affecting the rhythmic grooves of their non-existent "bass" player and a quavering psyche-blues crooner snaking his serenades over the melodious murk of it all...

I can assuredly say this isn't like any other usual indie-punk jam-kicker that I usually scribble about on these pages.

Audionics had started as an exacting instrumental act, meticulously honing their craft away from the stages and the lights of the scene in their basement laboratories, coolly experimenting with new ways to craft provocative soundscapes (in the vein of various Prog-ish, art-rock-inclined, avant-gardist influences).

With guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Djeto Juncaj and drummer Kerry Gluckman joining saxophonist Sheldon Santamaria and veteran vocalist Leo Gillis II, the band finally got into the studio to piece together a proper debut: The Big Note. Rock and pop are refreshingly pried, wound and slung into more psychedelic realms, haunted and bedazzled by tones both beautiful and bent, running the gamut, with staid grace, from acid-jazz-tinged wriggles into classical avant-gardism to wobbly space-rock, from trippy world-music ruminations to strange, but effectively hooking psyche-rock tumble. Our shamanistic singer sets sublimely nightmarish settings to shakily sail through on tracks like "The Madness of Vincent Van Gogh," dazzled by the tinny haze of dulcimer dancing over a shoulder-juking rhythmic roil of cajons and wild, wavy sax wails. It's like actually sluicing down some impressionistic whirlpool of a dark, vibrant blend of colors.

Some visuals for you:

And a Release Show to consider:

Saturday -March 2

PJs Lager House

Audionics - The Big Note

wsg The Detroit Ditch Diggers & The Kickstand Band