City Slang: Whitey Morgan at the Lager House

Local outlaw country demi-legends Whitey Morgan & the 78’s will play PJ’s Lager House on Saturday, November 24.

They say, “Since the release of their first album Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels, Whitey and the band have revived a forgotten genre with a fierce dedication and determination. They’ve toured the country spreading their sound and real deal vibe everywhere they go. They play honky-tonk tunes in any club in any town without apology and with a purpose. Look out, this bad news sounds real good.

“Around 200 shows a year you can count on Whitey Morgan and the 78’s to deliver. Whitey’s whiskey tinged vocals, the 78’s foot stomping beats, all relentlessly stirring up dance floors everywhere they go. The bottle turns up, spirits elevate and in this world, there isn’t a person who couldn’t use Whitey Morgan and the 78’s.”

Should be a good one, Action starts at 9pm, cover is $7.

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