City Slang: Detroit loves Adam Ant

Adam Ant plays the Crofoot in Pontiac tonight. Fucking YES.

We can’t hide out excitement for this one. Adam Ant rarely tours and this show was postponed once (originally scheduled for earlier in the year). He has been in and out of treatment for mental health issues, but he’s finally back and clips on Youtube show a healthy-looking Ant who is delighted to be back out on the road, doing what he does best. Back in the ‘80s, Ant was a punk rock superhero. Costello meets Kiss. The costumes might be toned down nowadays, but it’s a real joy to have him back.

We are well aware that Ant isn’t a local musician, so we got a few opinions on the man from some local musicians, just to have an excuse to get his face up here.

Jonathan Mazzei of the Wall Clocks says, “Adam Ant publicly threatened to fight Liam Gallagher of Oasis because of a disagreement over a song on Ant's "comeback album." For me, that alone is enough to warrant genuine love.”

Hell yes it does.

Meanwhile, Gerard Smith of Bill Grogan’s Goat says, “He became more of a straight up pop whore later. "Friend or Foe", "Ant Music", that was some good stuff. And "Stand and Deliver".”

Michael Mitchell of the Farleys says, “I have been a fan of Adam and the Ants since I first saw the video for "stand and deliver" on the 80's video show "mv3". Love the fusion of western twang served up with everything from rap to sexual deviation.”

Frank Woodman of Woodman / Ungrateful Daughter adds, “I love Adam Ant! Humor, sexy and just plain weird. My kinda guy.”

Chris Johnston, formerly of the Hannibals and 19 Wheels and now a local manager (Child Bite, Hard Lessons, etc), says, "'Kings of The Wild Frontier' was a big part of my musical puberty. The absurdity of a dude from London channeling the Native American culture fell by the trail side with me. Adam and The Ants were the Kiss of new wave, except when their lead singer put on makeup he was voted the sexiest man in the world."

City Club / Northern Lights DJ Kat Paled is having no luck. “Adam is my super crush. Was supposed to go and see him until I smashed my car and my head last Sunday. Sadly, my new car does not arrive until Friday morning.

Sorry Kat. This show might be one of the best from an out-of-towner all year.

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