City Slang: Former Paper Street Saint prepares to rock the Bag

Matt Austin got himself a bit of attention around town as the guitarist with rockers the Paper Street Saints, but the man has now gone country, releasing a self-titled EP and preparing to plays those new songs alongside some covers at the Magic Bag on September 21.

It promises to be a great night; the Deadstring Brothers and Jennifer Westwood and the Waycross Georgia Farmboys are also on the bill.

Austin’s EP can be downloaded here, while the “Big Black 4WD” can be downloaded for free before the date of the show.

“It’s so good to do music that can touch your soul and raise the hairs on your arms, because that is what I grew up on, and why I fell in love with music in the first place,” explains Austin. “After all of my rock history, I have finally grown into the artist that best fits who I am.”

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