City Slang: The return of Inside Out

All-girl punk band Inside Out is reuniting for a show at Smalls in Hamtramck on September 29. The Ruiners and Betty Cooper are also on the bill, and the Motor City Rah-Rahs will be around to dance.

The band, consisting of Karen “Queen Bee” Neal, Catherine Carrell and Lynda Mandolyn, disbanded in ‘92 so this show should be very special.

Back in 2005, Neal told the Metro Times that she and Mandolyn “immediately had a connection. She’s still one of my closest friends. We’d get into fucking bar fights — I pulled a knife on a skinhead once.”

Inside Out was the first all female punk band to tour eastern Europe. They did a Peel Session at 21, and were inducted into the Metro Times/Detroit Music Awards Hall of fame in their early 20’s.

Mandolyn went off to San Fran to play in various bands, and Carrell earned a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan and played in the Civilians and the Gore Gore Girls before taking a break to take care of her mother. Neal, of course, stuck around to play with Thrall, the Dirt Eaters, Brain Saw and her own Queen Bee band, amongst others.

Now, we can all get Inside Out all over again.

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