Great Reversals shred, scream; Autism Speaks

Yes, their guitars are aggressive, spark spurting buzz-saws, and the drums sound like zipping avalanches of steel girders, while the howled vocals are croaky, cathartic napalm phlegm and the bass is steeped to a swampy, gurgled murk... But Great Reversals isn’t typical gloom-thunder/destructo-death-metal, no, it’s more of a working man’s post-hardcore shred, amped up in instrumentation and ardent delivery. In fact, this metro-area quintet (sometimes sextet) are raising money for a great, and sometimes overlooked cause, the research, treatment and prevention of autism. Proceeds from the release show for their new album, To The Ends of the Earth will go to Autism Speaks and, if you listen in through the riffing squalls, you can hear endearing, motivational lyrics (coming from personal experience with the disorder), searing with conviction between sinewy guitars roaring up a swift stomping funnel cloud.

Now, all you recovering Rage (Against The Machine) fans can admit to digging meaty metal-y riffs that growl under conscience anthems – but this one’s less anarchistic and closer to the heart. A few months ago they put out a split 7” with Saginaw-based They Come In Waves, with the latter jamming out a 5 ½ minute epic that builds from intricate space-rock into a pillar-dislodging shred storm on side two and our featured five-piece going at a bit more of a punk-leaning structure of squeezing in two 2 ½ minute jams on their side.?


To The Ends of the Earth –Release show – April 21st  – with The Hollow Earth -  -Genesis Church in Royal Oak - 309 n. Main