Rest in Peace Michael Davis

Michael Davis, bassist with the MC5 and Destroy All Monsters among other bands, has died of liver failure after a month in hospital.

Davis' musical endeavors need no recap here in Detroit. Personally, I'm going to choose to remember the man who welcomed me into his home when I was working on a book. Michael and Angela could not have been nicer, as we sat and talked for an afternoon, ate Italian food and watched college football.

Since then, I met up with Michael in England a couple of times when he was performing with the DKT/MC5. Since my move to Detroit too, he was nothing but supportive of me and my career. I know that he took many young musicians under his wing in much the same fashion.

A lot will be said about Michael Davis the bassist over the next couple of days, and deservedly so. He was superb, and his music will genuinely live on forever. I want everyone to know that he was a kind, wonderful man and I'll treasure my memories forever.