Danny Brown's "Blunt After Blunt" Shows an Artistic Shift

If there's one area that Danny Brown has artfully mastered about his own branding it's that staying consistently bizarre works. He's being entirely himself while borrowing the most magnetic attributes of ODB, Kool Keith, 2 Live Crew, Too $hort and even a comedian like Andrew Dice Clay as he combines humor, vulgarity and oddity to keep audiences anticipating his next move.

He's stated in the past that he writes comedic punchlines all the time and then saves them for his rap songs which is something evident throughout the majority of his material. His last solo album, XXX, was packed with face scrunching barbs that clearly weren't intended for the faint-hearted. Or maybe they were. Rapping about girls, cunnilingus, drugs, and more cunnilingus isn't entirely shocking, although people sure like thinking that it is.

For those that already know about Brown's clever steeze, then the lyrics on "Blunt After Blunt" won't make you lift an eyebrow. He's nasty and never afraid to show it. However, what's different about the actual video for "Blunt After Blunt" is that he's moving away from his notoriously low budget videos and pushing artistic appeal to the foreground.

Not only was it shot by upshot rapper ASAP Rocky and media specialist The ICU but he's also sporting a rather fresh Jeremy Scott designed Tiger Coat during parts of it. The dimly lit room and voodoo-chic aesthetic actually over power the lyrics which is a first for Brown and a rather nice change up.