City Slang: T-Baby gets the Beavis & Butthead treatment

The return of Beavis & Butthead could easily have been completely underwhelming. They are, after all, iconic images of the ‘90s. But thanks to some beautifully satirical, biting writing, the first couple of episodes have been a breath of fresh air. MTV might not play too much music nowadays, but the duo have fun commenting on modern-era reality shows like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore.

So what does that have to do with Detroit? Well, in Thursday night’s episode (11/10), the boys watched the 2008 “YouTube sensation” video by local rapper T-Baby, “It’s So Cold in the D”.

Not exactly cutting edge – the song and video are over three years old. Still, the segment was frankly brilliant.

”UH, is this Real Housewives of Detroit?” asked Butthead, when the video opened on a scene featuring T-Baby (real name LaTonya Myles) and a couple of her buddies stood outside a Detroit house.

”Something is off,” Butthead said. “This song is hard to dance to.” That didn’t stop he and Beavis trying though, booty-dancing to the off-time rapping.

Man, it’s good to have them back. To revisit T-Baby, click here.

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