City Slang: “Void” revisited

Anyone remember Walk on Water? The local good time retro-rock ’n’ rollers remain one of the most underrated bands from the area, and they will no doubt be the subject of a future “revisited”. For now though, let’s talk Novadriver.

Three of Novadriver were members of Walk on Water – vocalist Mark Miers, drummer Eric Miller and awesome guitarist Billy Reedy (currently with Ty Stone & the Truth). Novadriver was completed, at least for this record, by bassist James B. Anders. Rachel May of Broadzilla would later join.

So what do we get on 2001’s Void, released on Small Stone Records? Well, the label should give things away slightly. Imagine Walk on Water smoking weed by the bong-load, and then jamming with Kyuss and Sabbath (obviously) in mind.

What set Novadriver apart from a lot of the other stoner rock bands out there was the technical brilliance and a space-rock sound that would also be well employed by Monster Magnet. The songs are great, the vibe is awesome, and the riffs are crushing. Even the cover of Aerosmith’s “Seasons of Wither” is factastic. If nothing, I’m glad I dug this CD out from the “N” section of my CD collection, where it had gathered dust for a couple of years.

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