City Slang: Head On in Hamtown

Hell of a night in Hamtramck last night. Hell of a night. For those that attended and, therefore, played a part in launching The Stooges: Head On, I am eternally grateful. To the bands that played, thanks for bringing your A-game.

Sharky & the Habit kicked the whole thing off in style and with a great cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog. Amy Gore & the Valentines brought some class and a heap of awesome, dance-worthy rock ’n’ tunes to proceedings. Bootsey X & the Lovermasters had, as well as Bootsey, Ricky Rat up on stage and they killed it too. Finally, the Ashleys were the cherry on what was already a fuckin’ tasty dessert.

In between it all, Frank Woodman of Woodman played an impromptu set at the back of room, just plugging in and letting rip. THAT’s Detroit. Not even the Tigers losing could spoil this evening.

Hiawatha Bailey of the Cult Heroes, Eric Hoegemeyer and Steve Zuccaro of Charm Farm / Gold Cash Gold, Glitter Trash, DJ Top Kat and many other Detroit notables were seen partying as the beer flowed and the bands literally laid waste to all in front of them.

I love this town.

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