City Slang: ICP’s Hosting a Gathering and Kid Rock’s Going to the Ballpark

Between August 11-14, Cave-In-Rock, IL, will host the 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos, the festival hosted by Detroit’s own horror-core rappers the Insane Clown Posse. As one might expect from a Gathering, all of the Psychopathic Records artists are there including ICP themselves, Twiztid, ABK and Blaze. There will be wrestling (male, and “ladies oil wrestling”), a Faygo wet t-shirt contest, a Miss Juggalette Contest, Violent J’s BBQ and Psychopathic Karaoke.

Faces will be painted and the whole thing will be a sort of redneck, hop-hop backyard party from Hell. That’s no insult – that’s pretty much the vibe that they’re going for. If that all sounds like the very definition of a nightmare weekend, look a little closer at the bill as there are some really interesting people of note on there.

Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube and Xzibit: aka the “real” rappers. Bringing a little hip-hop credibility to the event are these bona-fide members of rap royalty. Alright, Cube may be a long time out of NWA and now making terrible TV shows, but his back catalog alone keeps him revered.

Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer: YUP, you read that right. The two guys who battled for the title of “King of Charty Pop-Rap” back in the early ‘90s are both playing at the Gathering. Times have changed for both rappers since the days when they were two of the biggest musical acts in the world. Nowadays, Hammer is claiming that the “MC” stands for “Man of Christ”, while Ice is making Limp Bizkit-ish rap rock. This has to be interesting.

George Clinton: Detroit’s very own King of funk is a fascinating addition to the bill. He’ll undoubtedly amble around the stage in a stupor while his tight-ass band rock the fuck out, and he’ll look awesome doing it.

Saliva, Dope and Kittie: aka the metal bands. Those Juggalos love a mosh.

Downtown Brown and Critical Bill: representing underground Detroit rap and rock on the smaller stages.

Brian Posehn: Posehn is one of the funniest men around right now. After standing out on the TV shows Mr. Show and The Sarah Silverman Show, Posehn has had a few stand-up specials of his own, as well as some spectacular comedy albums. Kinda like a stoned Louis CK, Posehn will talk about real life and have you rolling.

For more information, watch the infomercial here.

Some of the artists on the bill explained to City Slang why they’re looking forward to the Gathering:

Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International): "I'm psyched to be at the Gathering this year because it's all the best people, all the best music, and all the best events - all in one place!

Paul Crosby (Saliva): “I'm psyched to be at the Gathering this year because we get to play with some amazing artists! As well as some of the most hardcore music fans on the planet -the Juggalos!!!”

Morgan (Kittie): "We are very excited to be included in the line-up at the Gathering this year, as it will be our first experience with the festival. We had an amazing and eye opening time on tour with ICP last year, and are really looking forward to, once again, feeling the positive vibes and the family love that we were so proud to have become a part of. We were treated with so much respect by the fans, Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope and the rest of the crew. It’s going to be one hell of a show!"

Brad X (Kottonmouth Kings): “The Kottonmouth Kings were blessed to play the very first Gathering of the Juggalos. We have played a handful since and it has become such a radical festival of extreme entertainment!! It is really a mind-blowing experience...We have taken some late night explorations that are beyond any words of description.. One year Johnny Richter missed the morning bus call and subsequently his flight home. Don’t eat the brown acid and don't plan on getting too much sleep, because the Gathering is pure madness & chaos. Check your ego at the door and witness thousands of people co-exist and look out for each other in the midst of total anarchy!! It is one hell of a fucking party.”

Vanilla Ice: "I am pysched to be at the Gathering on the Main Stage, performing my new smash hit single- "Born on Halloween" with ICP! It's gonna be the hottest ticket on Planet Earff! So get in where you fit in, pop your collar and get ready to holla!!!!"

Jamie Madrox (Twiztid): “I am psyched to be at the Gathering this year because it’s always dope to see all my Juggalos and Juggalettes from around the globe who made the trek to the greatest Family Reunion of the year!”

Monoxide (Twiztid): “I’m hype to be at this year’s GOTJ because it’s the one time of the year we get to see the fam in all its splendor and let them know what they mean to us.”

Blaze: “I’m psyched to be at the Gathering this year because a large part of the Juggalo family is on the grounds, and parties like no other. And the P-Funk All-Stars are rolling with George C this year, dats whatsup!”

On a similar-ish note, Kid Rock has announced that he will play at Comerica Park, home (of course) of the Detroit Tigers, on Friday, August 12. This news comes after the Kid played a birthday show back in January at Ford Field, the home of Detroit’s other big cats the Lions. Rock, it seems, loves those there ballparks.

Before he gets home to the D, Kid Rock will be on the road for the second half of his Born Free tour with Sheryl Crow. Crow won’t be at Comerica though. Oh no, Kid’s bringing the one and only Sammy Hagar with him. Expect a set of Montrose, Van Halen and solo classics.

So who’s looking forward to the show?

Ty Stone: “No doubt in my mind that Bobby will throw the best party of the summer! There's no way I'm gonna miss all the fun. Can't wait!”

Doop (the Inside Outlaws): “I won't be going because we actually have a show that night at the lager house with a band from Chicago. As for his big show, I watched his press conference for it online and was impressed by the way he kept pointing out the fact that he is doing the show downtown to help the city and local businesses out instead of just doing the show at pine knob where he would make more money and be back at his house pretty quick after. I know for a fact that they have to spend an outrageous amount of money to play at Comerica Park and it's a hassle for their camp to make things work over there so by them doing it for a second time that's pretty cool. My only complaint is I would like to see more local bands involved on some level. I mean they already have the park all set up so why not make a day of it. Maybe I'm being naive but that's my two cents.”

Sue Lott (Luder): I will NOT be going to see Kid Rock at Comerica Park in August because: 1. I have to stay home and rearrange my sock drawer. 2. He's a really nice guy, but I feel stupider every time his music goes in my ears. 3. His people are not my people.

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