JYoung Releases Ode To Black History

Detroit-born but Lansing-based artist JYoung the General just released a new project yesterday that should gain a decent sized buzz if for no other reason than the title alone. It's called Black History Year: Installment Two and is an eight song EP focusing on bringing unique awareness around lesser known aspects of black history. He's released one of these before and this volume reflects where his thoughts are progressing and shows what kind of books he's been studying up at Michigan State lately.

It's a dynamic concept that in essence works as edutainment for youth and adults ready to learn more about the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Pan Africanism, and more. To some, that could be edgy, and makes you think about what the reaction would be like if this were a white artist dropping EPs about militant white history, but then again, Kid Rock's already got that angle covered.

The always nifty Detroit beat-maker Nick Speed, who you'll also hear in our "download of the week" section, handles all of the production and other Michigan artists like T Calmese, One Be Lo, Buff 1 make appearances on tracks. You can download the entire project for free if you like or you can stream it below.

<a href="http://jyoungthegeneral.bandcamp.com/album/jyoung-black-history-year-installment-two" _mce_href="http://jyoungthegeneral.bandcamp.com/album/jyoung-black-history-year-installment-two">JYoung - Black History Year: Installment Two by JYoung The General</a>