Catch Smash Television Tonight + Stoopz N Breeze Tomorrow for Blowout

Lot's of people might recognize versatile rapper Leaf Erikson from his most notable side project, Stoopz N Breeze, but fans of his more straight forward raps should check out his other side group, Smash Television. Featuring both Erikson and emcee Jah Connery, the duo make music that is vastly different than Stoopz N Breeze and they're 2010 release, Idiot Bocks, was one of the more slept on local internet gems last year. As a side note, the duo homebrewed their own beer -- a dopplebock of course -- for the album's release last summer.

As Erikson described in a quick phone chat today: "The music is aggressive, it's political, and even when we're having fun, it's still in your face fun. The music and the energy hits you in the head real quick. Stoopz N Breeze is way more laid-back and satirical. It still works can't take yourself so serious all the time."

Smash Television plays at the G of C Hall tonight at 10:20 p.m.

Stoopz N Breeze headlines Friday night at Kelly's Bar and go on stage at 12:20 p.m.

There's no word on if they'll have a special homebrew ready at each show.