The Clintons are coming to town for your $, Bernie's comin' to stump for Whitmer

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Photo: US Senate
Bill and Hillary Clinton are coming to town in April and it will cost you $99.50 (plus another $25-ish in fees) to see them from the nosebleed seats at The Fox Theater, while tickets are going for as much as $750.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is coming to town to use his celebrity not to pad his bank account, but to campaign for Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer.

But he isn't a Democrat!!!

That's sarcasm folks, because he's out there doing the work to ensure Democrats win back power while the Clintons are busy Clintoning.

The Oct. 19 event will be in Ann Arbor, according to the Associated Press. It's a rally, so it will be free, much like Sanders' recent Michigan visits to drum up support for progressive candidates and a Medicare For All program.

Among those stops was an Aug. 7 campaign rally for Whitmer's more progressive primary opponent, Abdul El-Sayed, who has also publicly thrown his support behind Whitmer.

Sanders' visit is part of a nine-state campaign for Dem candidates in Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado and California. He remains one of the most popular political figures in the nation.

And while it's easy to criticize the Clintons for not coming to town to stump for Whitmer, it's also a blessing — Hillary Clinton nearly inspires Republicans to go to the polls as much as Dems. And Bill Clinton isn't the dude you want to trot out during a particularly sensitive moment of the #MeToo era.

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