Michigan black bear shakes off long winter with romp through residential area

Photo via Midland Police Department

Looks like we're not the only ones totally over winter's bullshit.

This black bear is out from hibernation and apparently hit the town of Midland yesterday, making his way through several back yards before authorities were finally able to catch up with and subdue him.

The 250-pound bear attracted his fair share of onlookers despite police warnings to keep a distance. But the danger wasn't too great — black bears are said to be afraid of humans, making fatal attacks extremely rare.

Officials eventually managed to hit the bear with five tranquilizer darts. It took roughly six hours for the bear to fully metabolize the sedative. He eventually found refuge in a resident's attached garage where he was safely prepared for transport.

Bruce Barlow, an official of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, told the Detroit Free Press that the welfare of the animal was top priority. The DNR says the bear was to be relocated to a Grayling wilderness area.

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