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  • Nov 11-17, 2009
  • Vol. 30, No. 4

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    A mostly happy young couple receives a package on the porch early one morning; inside is a small black box with a glass dome, which holds a large red button. That afternoon, a creepy older gentleman with severe facial burns (Frank Langella) turns up at their door with a proposition: If they press the button in the next 24 hours two things will happen; they will receive $1,000,000 in cash, and somebody they don’t know will die. In the wake of their choice, weird things start happening. They get followed by zombie-like people, a woman is murdered, and everyone starts getting mysterious nosebleeds. It’s all part of a larger riddle, a tangled nest of ominous connections involving a double-super-secret black ops NSA program, the NASA Viking Mars missions, lightning strikes, mind control and John Paul Sartre. Convoluted and, ultimately, kinda crappy.
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