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  • Aug 19-25, 2009
  • Vol. 29, No. 45

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  • The Time Traveler’s Wife

    Eric Bana is Henry, born with truly bizarre genetic disorder dubbed “chrono impairment” which sometimes sees him fade out of time, popping into some other moment in his life, naked and confused, like Bana’s character in The Hulk. The lovely Claire (Rachel McAdams) is the one constant in this fractured existence, and she becomes his lifeline and her unattainable dream (and you thought your boyfriend was unreliable).
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  • The Scene
  • Paper Heart

    Cutesy and ironically smug, a postcard from the land of twee, this mock mockumentary follows impossibly impish hipster comedian Charlyne Yi, as she crosses the country asking real folk about true love, an emotion she claims to be incapable of. Her more famous pals, including funnymen Demetri Martin and Seth Rogen, call bullshit on the notion she’s a frosty, suggesting Yi hasn’t met the right guy yet. Well, that dude — the twiggy Michael Cera — saunters right through the door of a party (filled with, apparently, the young Hollywood comedy underground). It’s awkward puppy love at first blush.
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  • The Scene
  • The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

    Jeremy Piven is Don Ready, a sleazeball used-car liquidator, whose team is hired by a failing dealership in Temecula, Calif., to turn their Fourth of July sale into a business-saving success. And, well, that’s pretty much it. The rest is wacky Will Ferrell-style jokes (see his amusing cameo) — that hit and miss in equal measure. Piven is producer Adam McKay’s (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) brother-in-law and, frankly, isn’t quite right for the lead. He’s great when he’s in Ari Gold-asshole mode but he doesn’t have the heart for sillier jokes. His cohorts (Kathryn Hahn, David Koechner and Ving Rhames), on the other hand, all have good moments, with James Brolin landing some hearty chuckles as a homosexually inclined father figure.
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